The origin of last name BATAZ! | By Agustin E. Bataz

This post is dedicated to all bearers of the last name “Bataz” (there must be just a few, anyway), that as I do, are interested in knowing their origins, for not even the powerful Google has a clear answer to this subject. Until now. Today, after a long research, I discevered the origin of the last name “Bataz” (with participation of my sister and a couple of cousins).
Well, the last name comes from Algeria, a country in North Africa (moors-arabs, that stuff). According to the internet, the last name could merged in a time around 700 A.D. during the muslim invasion to the Iberic peninsula. An interesting fact: the 1st record of a person named Bataz was a Persian General, that tried -with no success- to conquer the city of Constantinople, during the time beetween the years 900 and 1100.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the original language where “Bataz” belongs, so the meaning of the last name, is a mistery. Anyway, during that invasion, the Bataz’ arrived to and settled in France. And is in there, where you can find the first record of a “Bataz” in “recent” times: Gratianne Bataz, born in France in 1550.
From there, the Bataz’ went to Eastern Europe. We say that because there are records of a man named Gyorgy Banyasz, who lived in “Bataz, Hungary”, during the XIX century. That explains why there is a variant of the last name, called “De Bataz” (“From Bataz”). In Hungary, we can also find a man named Ersébet Bataz, born in 1791. There are Bataz’ too in Poland and Slovakia (where we can find records of men called Adalbertus Bataz and Geor Bataz respectively). A weird fact: In Poland there are many records of Bataz’ since the XVII century, but in 1800, it seems that there were anymore Bataz there.
However, there were some Bataz’ that went to Philipines, where we found records of a Bartolomia Bataz, who married Vincent Bungay in the last years of XVIII century. We can assume that the remaining Bataz’ traveled to England, and from there to America. There are records from the ships that sailed from Englandto Ellis Island, New York, where there is a man named Lazar Bataz, born in Austria. From there, there were many Bataz wandering around the United States, where they remain until now.
This part may not be of interest to English Speakers, but we are Mexican so we investigated how the last name came here. Well, unfortunately we couldn’t find who was the first Bataz that came (most surely from U.S.) to Mexico, but the first Mexican record of a Bataz, dates from 1870, when a Carmen Eufracia Bataz lived in Hidalgo. The first Bataz from Guerrero was Nicanora Bataz, who was born in Atoyac in 1878. From there, the first Bataz from Coyuca de Benitez (my home town) is Don Victor Bataz (my great-great-grandfather), born by 1890.
Today, we are a lot Bataz from Mexico: Noriega Bataz, Rodriguez Bataz, Bataz Carbajal, Bataz Balanzar, Bataz Benitez, Espinosa-Bataz, Bataz Segura, etcetera. To finish, we must say that according to the internet, the 54% of all the Bataz are from the U.S., the 33% from Mexico, the 10% in France, the 2% in Algeria and 1% in other places around the globe.
-Curiosities: Mexican Bataz’ famous until now: Yazmith Bataz, born in Baja California, gold medalist in the 100 plain meters, during the ParaPanamerican Games of Rio de Janeiro and Guadalajara; Mel Bataz, actor from Guerrero, that has participated in some “Gold Mexican Film” movies, as “The son of Judas”, “Ungrateful treason”, and “Magic, sent by the gods”. I hope there are going to be many Bataz’ known in the future, because well… we are very epic.
Bibliography: A lot of fucking pages of internet in french, spanish and english; and a lot of information gathered by my family.
PS: Please share or tell about this to every Bataz you know, so they can know this and help us to find out even more about our origins!
PS 2: This last name isn’t from Europe, and because of that, we haven’t a Coat of Arms (Heraldry). I suggest that we should make one with Dragons and stuff like that.

*I have posted this before in Spanish, but, knowing that there are many more Bataz in the U.S., France and other countries (and that I don’t know even a bit of French), I wanted to translate it, so there are more people that know this. Sorry for the bad English, I haven’t used it in a while. If anyone knows French, I would be most grateful if you could translate and share this post to French speakers. 

*Este post ya lo había hecho en español, pero tomando en cuenta de que hay muchos Bataz en E.U.A., Francia y otros países (y que no se ni un poco de Francés), quise traducirlo para que la mayor gente posible sepa.

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