Interview with Randy Prozac, creator of | By Agustín E. Bataz is an extremely interesting (and disturbing for the sensible ones) website made by Randy Prozac, a man who doesn’t make public declarations very often. I asked him for an interview, and fortunately, he accepted. This blog is usually written in Spanish, but Randy Prozac told that he wanted me to post this in both languages, so… Here it is (and sorry if my English isn’t that good). This are the original, unaltered answers written by Randy himself. 

If you don’t know about the Sentimental Corp, enter here for a little background on what this webpage is, and who Randy Prozac is…

Well, here are the questions and answers:


1.- What made you creating the SentimentalCorp in first place? Then, why did you give it that “bizarre” aspect? I mean, some people (including myself, at first), find this website very scary and stop browsing in it because of that. Why not giving the website a more accesible style?

First of all, my website is intended ‘for ladies only’, but i can’t control that so i put up with it, also, i consider my website to be timely, cordial and mannerly, i’m the type of man who wears dinner gloves and an evening suit, and if people think my website is scary, then i suggest you go visit a senior citizens home. people forget that they are contained within a bag of meat that has it’s own defenses, it’s own volition can override your own supposed free will.. in fact, your own body is a fascist by definition.. for example, let’s say you lost most of the skin on your face, arms and hands in a chemical fire, the body will create a temporary layer of skin that is similar to plastic, this ‘plastic skin’ will break if moved, and the pain caused by the breakage is enough to make you lose consciousness, trust me.. so all you can do is remain immobilized, the body is forcing you to obey it, so that the healing process can commence.. if you disobey and think you are the master of the body, the body will punish you until you fall into subservience.

these factors are often entirely dismissed by nearly everyone. those things are infinitely more disturbing than my website. in fact, i think everything is more mentally damaged than my website. some people are born without limbs, or eyes.. some people are born with their innards on the outside of their body. some people support the causal factors that made the innards be born on the outside, and they consider themselves ‘good wholesome folk’. i call that ‘complicity’, but everyone else calls it freedoms.


2.- Why not trying to make social nets for SentimentalCorp? I know your thoughts about facebook and similars, but I think that you have things to say that are very interesting; things that can help others to “wake up”. What do you think?

I have no thoughts on Facebook, neither does anyone else. the entire internet was designed by military corporations, i don’t think people are asleep, i think they just don’t care. they know something is wrong, but they prefer to remain in their myopic cell, it’s someone else’s problem, big daddy will fix it.. they have their electricity and sex, they have food and games, most of them anyway.. so who cares if someone ‘likes’ what i say on Facebook? i don’t. i mean.. it’s too late, there will be no stopping the new world order. maybe 300 years ago but not anymore, there will be no resistance, and whatever resistance there could be, will work against the people, not in favor of them. for example, let’s say everyone riots, and destroys city properties, and their own neighborhoods and etc etc..

what will change? there will be more laws passed, increased surveillance and police, and they’ll likely just ‘up the dose’ of chemicals in the water supply to further neutralize everyone. and just wait until the security robots become integrated.. but the people will demand that anyway.

fuck.. I’ve slashed police cruiser tires, more than once. but so what? if i could ‘like’ that on Facebook maybe i would sign up. no one cares. they say they do but they don’t. they will not die for their beliefs. they have no valor, it’s all lip service. it’s all a trendy disgrace just to get laid. study the design of kamikaze aircraft if you want to see someone who walks their talk. sign me up for that, not some social network circle jerk.

anyways, where i was i? … these motherfuckers have terminator technologies, they have invisible anti-gravity technologies, mind control technologies.. who knows what the true state of technology is, you don’t and neither do i, and when DARPA rolls out their 25+ year old prototypes to pretend it’s the “state of the art” on YouTube, imagine that 25+ years down the road, at the level of advancements made by the hour these days.. good luck combat-clicking away on the all-seeing i-box, if you hate the new world order, click the little roman thumb. maybe if i start an anti new world order Facebook page, and if i can reach a certain amount of ‘likes’, the new world order will realize that people don’t like them and take their Baal and go home.

you would scream like an infant if someone took your new world order away from you. you’d be like a heroin addict without his fix. everyone would be crying to their illumi-mommy to fix the all-seeing broken toy. it’s not like people have the wherewithal to organize an actual sanctioning against the corporations, they can’t even grow their own food, they need the system. end of story. the people oppress themselves. you are the Illuminati. you are your own totalitarian state. you took the ceremonial dagger and castrated your own self upon the altar, and until you admit it, there will be no change. you are accountable for all this shit. we all are. we enable it all.. all of it. they sell children. they rape children while you fuck around on Facebook. professionally trained serial killers murder children while you play pathological video games that turn you into a subconscious serial killer by-proxy.

and so, nothing i can say will matter, it’s just more worthless entertainment. something more to waste the limited bandwidth of your life masturbating to, accomplishing nothing but watching someone else’s life roll by while yours trickles down your leg. i suggest throwing your computer in the garbage if you really want to make a progressive step towards freedom. otherwise get back on YouTube and jerk off to more cartoons and funny cat videos, but keep complaining about the new world order, then go relax and completely immerse yourself in new world order video game mind control technologies that rewire your ability to process information, and then go eat the new world orders poisonous food that you paid for with non-existent worthless Illuminati ones and zeros.

all the people who think they can stop the new world order will be begging the X-men..i’m sorry..i mean ‘The Illuminati’.. to turn the power back on if society ever really did crumble, turn the Illuminati power back on so they can go back into their neutralized, drugged-out anti-Illuminati coma state, and then return to ‘liking’ anti-Illuminati videos.and re-posting them into Illuminati controlled computer systems. we are change? we are neutralized. take all the ‘2 minutes hate’ breaks you need. but don’t take too long, you have rent to pay and those power bills are overdue.

the new world order says the rogue-state can’t have weapons, the new world order say that some maverick country is selling them weapons, when in actuality the new world order is selling the weapons to everyone, (and by new world order i mean a bunch of buddy corporations that you support) and your place is just to be a robot in their beehive, or to go die in some overseas invasive strategic land grab, other than that, enjoy your outdoor internment facility, it has every movie and possible distraction. but that is all you wanted anyway, so what are you complaining about?? see? i caught you making-out with the NWO again.. you two should go get a room or something.. seriously.. it’s getting really hot in here now…..

the corporate elite have masters degrees in macro-economics and geo-politics, what do you have? a subscription to Netflix? the latest i-pad? seen every movie? watched every season? got the right haircut and t-shirt for the protest? the new world order was firmly established a very long time ago. everything you do supports it, you love the new world order. everything you do perpetuates it’s existence. you should go to the bathroom mirror right now, and slowly mouth the words, “…world..order..”

people are in denial of this fact. they are misguided and need a time-out, a re-evaluation of basic comprehension. this isn’t a tv show, or maybe it is.. so pause it for a moment.. they say they reject corruption but it is because of the people that it is allowed to exist and procreate.. no more excuses, no more scapegoats..the people are willfully ignorant to the machinations of the genius level strategists that shape this planet. truly educated (but corrupted) people that are masterminds and visionaries, compared to the average citizen who is just a junk-food processor and a parrot of comedy shows made for dullards, a minor component in the infrastructure of the system, more concerned about it’s biological sex needs than the advancement of the species, ultimately null and void. interchangeable and replaceable like the parts of a toilet. but i mean that in a reaffirming ‘positive way’, to inspire and arouse the inner greatness of the potential ‘individual’. if we were in the same room together right now, i assure you that we would be holding hands and feeling the animal magnetism.


3.- Where did you get all the knowledge you have? There are people out there saying that you are the grandson of a MK-Ultra project psychiatrist… Some others say that you are one of the Illuminati…Some people even say that you have contact with Aliens!… Those are the principal theories about who Randy Prozac is. Some people, like me, think that you are an anti-Illuminati. But then again…. What is the truth? Where did you get all the knowledge you have?

let’s pretend we’re on a play-date, and we’re sitting together in a semi-circle drinking bottled water full of leeched estrogen, and i am telling you a story, and in this story there are ‘good’ Illuminati, and ‘bad’ Illuminati, like some psychotropic militarized superhero movie, or whatever brainwashed shit that you are conditioned to comprehend everything in terms of.. sweet valley high.. i dunno..whatever.. an ‘antithesis’.. and between this dichotomy spawns an aberration.. a deviation that runs amok.. how can they stop it? it’s one of their own.. so they choose to leave it, because they know the people have been sufficiently chemically and electronically lobotomized and have not been given enough pieces of the puzzle to figure it out anyway.. so it’s of no real consequence.. bottom line.. i studied the graphs.. i removed the stimoceiver myself, i can do what i want.

sometimes mistakes are made by predecessors and sometimes they are corrected, and sometimes they are not. if i told you that i have seen the anti-gravity technologies first hand, you wouldn’t believe me anyway. someones grandfather receives a bum deal, and the company rips off all his work and then flushes him down the mountain. some people won’t forget that..they haven’t forgotten that. i do what i can to make designated strategic corrections. fuck the graphs and fuck you Jolyon.


4.- Similar as the last one…. In some of your songs, you mention real deep concepts. “Golden Dawn”, “Zephirot”, the simple “awakening” theme you have…. “Sapphire temple”, and an enormous etcetera (those concepts are from just ONE song!!). Did you have some sort of “training in ocultism”? I say this because, I myself are very interested in spiritual, paranormal matters, but in all my years I haven’t found as much info as you use in, I repeat, just one song!

Anything of value i learned from studying how nature does it. until you find the tesseract within the snowflake, you’re on your own. nature can manufacture a square by using circles, nature can create right-angles. the macro and the micro are an ouroboros. the deepest secrets of understanding are staring you directly in the eye every day. you can learn the secrets of all things by studying any of the elements. anything that nature creates contains the cipher of god. you are surrounded by the answers, if you cannot see them, then you’re asking the wrong questions.

if you fear the eye, then go run away back into the safe caves of antiquity. the eye shines on whether the blind see it or not. the music was written by a talented and cute girl from Mexico who thinks i hate her now, which i don’t. i wrote the lyrics in half an hour and pressed the record button, so it is what it is. you can learn a lot by studying the sexual connotations of pastries.

if i talked about the Golden Dawn, or if i talked “In Terms of Rainbow Brite” what would it matter? just don’t talk about the Chestahedron.. a hexagram made from Space-Lego works just as well as one drawn with chalk. it’s what’s in your heart that matters. if your heart can withstand the purifying flames of purgatory, flames that are even hotter than the inferno itself, so hot that bathing in molten glass would seem a relief.. then your heart might stand a chance to become pure.. like a sword made of unbreakable steel.. or it might simply shatter and break apart in the purging fires.. either way, you’re probably better off just thinking about sports.


5.- In a song, I don’t remember the name, you mention some “conspiracy theorics” as David Icke, saying that they are part of “them”, or at least, saying that we should kill them. That, in fact, surprised me a lot…. Do you think (or know) that they are part of this “enemy” controlling us? How do you know?

If you like to believe in things that you have no proof are real, then please, buy all the 50 dollar David Icke books you can find, those are charismatics, disinformation salesmen making money conning weak minded people into believing in fantasy nonsense like reptilians, why no more loch ness monsters? if David Icke pranced around onstage like a dim-witted info-jester making jokes about loch ness monsters, what is the difference? i guess that reached it’s expiry date.. their lack of intellect is only exceeded by their lack of interest in the truth which clearly explains their lack of candor. UFO’s are ‘extra-terrestrial? i mean..c’mon.. how obvious does a psy-ops have to be? decades of “UFOs are aliens” propaganda literally shoved down our throats, with zero hard evidence? zero. what does zero get you? nothing. zero means no proof. there is zero hard proof of Santa claus. there is an equal amount of hard proof for extra-terrestrials actively visiting this planet. that doesn’t mean ‘they’ aren’t, but it does mean there is absolutely no rational way to make any conclusions, unless you want to enter into confabulation, then i have a 50 dollar book with your name on it.

most of you people probably missed the ‘UFOs are aliens’ mega-bombardment of the entire 1990’s…. there is no way it could possibly be terrestrial technology, could it? if that were true.. then we don’t need oil.. no oil? no blood for Horus? but that is ridiculous right? the most logical explanation is UFOs are aliens! so many witnesses said so..forget the neurological explanations, human beings are masters of their own minds and perceptions, the brain would never have a chemical misfire..impossible.. and so what if endless nuns got raped by an incubus? i mean bishops.. or uh.. hold on, i need to prance a little bit so you take me seriously enough to give me 50 more dollars.

i think there is a world wide governmental program that has been aggressively running since the end of WW2 to convince the masses that UFOs are extraterrestrial, when in fact it is man-made anti-gravitational technologies that could liberate humanity. that is why the campaign is so adamant and relentless, and so many people believe it. i myself have seen dozens of UFOs and i once believed it, but i no longer do. i have read enough of the literature to recognize a commonality. a familiar stench of propaganda..different faces but the same brain.. so much that it has just become apparent to me, i cannot help but notice it now because it seems so obvious that the elite possess this technology, which appears like magic to us, but it’s merely a hidden advancement. they roll out the obsolete rockets and keep us in the dark, and we cooperate because it’s so much fun to believe in things. it must be some sort of inherent instinct to believe in things, to fill in the gaps with nothing..

but anyways, it is my opinion that this is in fact the truth of the UFOs. make of it what you will, but i do not believe aliens are visiting this planet, i am certain innumerable lifeforms exist, but i have seen no evidence that they are here. they may have once been here in the distant past, but not now. perhaps they are, but i think it is far more likely that the rich are deceiving us, it is their nature and they are creatures of habit. and if i told you i have seen it up close and personal, would that change anything for you? if i told you that i know that the technology is not extraterrestrial, nor reverse engineered from extra-terrestrial technology, would that change anything for you? would you look at the world any differently when you’re pumping your truck full of gasoline? would you see the sequence of control? could you then the links that become the systems chains wrapping around your neck? and would you then see why that secret would demand such a consistent, militant disinformation program? it is potentially the single most important issue on this planet, no?

i must not be prancing enough.. well.. hold on.. let me work for my 50 dollars..

why accept, embrace and adopt as ‘fact’ unsubstantiated ‘paranormal’ fun subjects? not only is this still the dark ages despite the information overload, it is about to enter an even darker age, however, i am not closed to any possibility, but i’m also not interested in whatever superstition sounds ‘cool’, i don’t need that mail-order glow-in-the-dark anti-Illuminati plastic battle-sword anymore.. i just want to know the facts, and those people have none. all they have (for sale) is lurid tales that titillate the magical mind for 80 dollars a seat, but they are no more factual or intellectual than Archie comics. except maybe Jordan Maxwell, (who probably masturbates to Archie comics with the vigor of a freshly canonized saint), but he ripped everything off from Manly Palmer Hall anyway, so go listen to HIM instead, for FREE. yeah his audio quality sucks and makes him sound like an old man rolling around inside of a steel drum, but you’ll get used to it and you’ll be much better off and actually learn something of substance.. those others are just plagiarists and con artists. failed science fiction writers, fuck them all. if you doubt that, then research their ‘research.’ or keep on rolling those 7 sided dice, whatever expedites the descent into ‘awareness’.


6.- Your webpage, in a lot of places, say that it has a lot of subliminal or hypnotic messages; that your website is bad for mental health, and so….. Did you really put subliminal messages in your videos?? If you did, for what?? What could happen to a people that watches your videos for a long time?? Why giving subliminal messages instead of telling the things directly?

yes i do use frequencies that can alter brain waves. i designed and recorded them myself based on available patented military research papers. and also my own private research into sick-building syndrome and the general field of infra-sound. this may or may not affect all citizens, and they are not necessarily negative or positive, they merely induce a fixed-state, not nearly as detrimental as what comes out of a television set, which is another patented mind control technology. however, i have changed the frequencies to be more sensual and near-orgasm inducing for the female physiology, but never fully, that wouldn’t be polite since we’re not even on a first name basis yet. the compressed frame-rate of streaming video renders most of the subliminals completely invisible and useless, and some are made as joke subliminals, you know.. obvious ones.. to put the viewer ‘at ease’ so that they feel ‘in control’ and believe that this isn’t actually a ‘real Illuminati website’, and so on.. it’s an old roman technique.

however, not all minds are viable, and so i put the warnings there to give a “heads up” to the more susceptible ones. but in truth, they are much worse off on YouTube than on my site.. or grocery shopping.. which is a marvel..a splendor in subliminal thought control. anything i did was for the benefit of the viewing experience and latent mutual sensual interactions during REM sleep. i would never impose my will on another mind. my subliminals are of the ‘feel good’ variety. emanations of ambiguous technotronic meta-love with a gentle rinse of de-programming. nothing harmful, unless you’re already fucked up, then that’s in your own hands, or in the hands of whoever controls your hands, hence the warnings.


7.- Goat worship is really one of the weirdest stuff I’ve ever seen. It terrified me a little. In that site, you call the videos “Rituals”. I can’t help it but asking…. Are they rituals??? Rituals, to what?? In Parasite dreams, the videos are called “treatments”, are they??? For what??

initially that was a private therapy for a couple of patients that were committed at Alberta hospital, it was my own version of a psychodrama, the ‘acting out’ of repressed experiences, i was permitted to sign them out, and drive them to my home, and we worked on this ‘project’ called goat worship. which had nothing to do with demonology, (research the word “tragedy”). anyways, this went on for approximately 7 years, 3 times a week, 5 hours a session. fully funded by the province of Alberta. ultimately i accumulated an extensive amount of material, and i eventually got the required permission to release it publicly. before that, no one had ever seen any of it, except for 2 occasions where it was broadcast in 2 one-hundred minute block-feeds transmitted from within the central Freemason crematorium in the downtown core, next to where i used to live. and still to this day, i have only released a fraction of the tapes that exist. however, i think the point was generally made. by the time it ended i was very worn out by the process. i became very adept at administering hypodermic needles, you would never even know that i injected you, that was how graceful i was about it, that is not just a skill, but an art-form as well… perhaps like a dancer, albeit a dancer of a different nature.

there was plenty of room for subconscious outburst, and much of it was simply that.. volatile spontaneous regressions.. sometimes it ended in tears.. sometimes it ended in anger.. a few times it ended in violence. that was goat worship. it was very problematic and sometimes a dangerous situation, for them and myself. i myself have been vomited on, punched in the face, had my equipment smashed, my government identifications stolen.. numerous things that made it very precarious endeavor, however, it was beneficial expenditure for everyone involved. and so, i must clarify, that none of this process was acting, and none of the people involved were actors. all of them had serious psychological issues and all (but one) made a more than marginal recovery because of the treatment, the ‘patient failure’ committed suicide, and then the program was discontinued and swept under the carpet, i was able to acquire all the master tapes (except one) before they were incinerated, and so i mixed it all into a ‘television format’, however, that particular suicide was the end of goat worship, as the patient was the son of someone of ‘notable stature’ in the community.

Parasite dreams was an experiment in using new technology to recreate the same, or similar process, to explore potential treatments, and also to present to a viewing audience some of the possible scenarios that occur in this dysfunctional and mentally diseased world, parasite dreams was partially successful, but far too demanding in time and work. i had purchased a copy of what is known as Sims2, and i lobotomized it’s brain so that it would follow new instructions, most of the time it would not cooperate but i did my best with it, eventually it just became non-responsive and useless so i decided to terminate it, and by then i had moved on to other areas.


8.- In your page, you shout may truths that they don’t want us to know. Have you ever been threatened? Have you recieved any “cryptic” e-mails? If so…. Could you tell that experience(s)?

i get occasional limp death threats from bored coked-out teenagers using computers bought by their parents, feeble dark thoughts typed out while their mommy cooks them macaroni in the next room, and also the occasional patient with computer access projects their turmoil at me, but i am well-protected so it’s not a concern. the american military watches me, but i watch them, so it’s fair and square. panopticon vs. panopticon. who will win?


9.- You know about Illuminati projects and, may I say, plans… You seem to know more than many people. What advice could you give to whoever sees this interview, to prepare him/herself to the New World Order? Do you have any other info, worth to share, that is not in the internet already?

all citizens were well adjusted to the new world order over a hundred years ago, they love it and believe in it. they support it with all their being, as they have been taught. they adore the projects, they fawn over them and help enable them.. they will defend the programs with their lives. and they are in so deeply in love with believing the lies, they would make passionate love to the lies if the lies were to become flesh, war is their sex, they psychologically depend on the lies, caressing themselves.. slowly at first.. then escalating into complete abandon.. losing all perception of the self.. becoming one with the lies.. pounding them deeper and deeper deep as they can go.. the unbridled, rampant unleashing of the need.. like a cavern of bats at the brink of dusk.. a door to a cage torn from the hinges.. shuddering breaths across the erogenous phones.. over and over.. and it’s only just beginning.. arousing themselves into further frenzied multiple orgasms of continuous war.. and even if it doesn’t, they have no access to classified information so they can’t prove anything anyway. and even if they could, the others would dismiss it because the big eye in the living room didn’t say it, the herd is denied their mutual sublimated orgasm.. that is, until the big eye gives it’s permission to commence with the mutual sublimated orgasm.

plus, unless it happened directly to them, then it doesn’t matter. it’s just another bedtime story.. and everything else is a game of trivial pursuit over a pint of beer. we can discuss our well-educated, electronically implanted, fully comprehensive ‘world view’ that we received through transmissions from the new world order technologies, or we can discuss sports statistics that we learned and memorized through transmissions from the new world order technologies, and also simultaneously practice our mutual social deceptions as a secondary bonus non-activity.

my point is, you weren’t there, so you don’t really know anything. you may believe you ‘know’, but the only honest thing you can say is that you don’t truly know anything that ever happened. so what if you own the DVD box set? it is all legally ‘hearsay’ coupled with disinformation, or flat out manufactured lies. (published in professionally bound books no less.) and even if there might be a crumb or two of truth mixed into it, it’s not enough to result in any form of actual understanding of an event, but it’s enough to make you open wide and swallow it all down with the brisk and tidy, high-pressure little *flush* a good little sanitary systems whore.

the reality is that the ‘new world order’ is the best thing to ever happen for most people, they don’t have to hunt, they don’t even have to think about raw survival, they can just be robots and psychologically masturbate to adult cartoons and funny cat videos, human coasters riding the systems waves until they die in the afterglow of the screens radiation. it’s the E-Z life, unless you’re a HIV + drug addicted prostitute or a mentally ill homeless person, or a senator that won’t play ball.

moreover, all the people who think otherwise would change their tune if society ever did fall into sheer barbarism, or some other degenerate human system based on greed and decrepitude, dog eat dog or worse.. which tends to be the average human beings lowest common denominator, or perhaps even their highest. the unity they make you believe in and strive towards, is the same unity that ants experience being crushed under a boot. conditioned incrementally to remain in the dim twilight of perception, barely aware that 1984 was in 1948, and this current situation is a ‘mr. softee’ version, very palatable, like strawberry yogurt ice cream, minus the barbed wire and machine guns.. but just as fatal.

a soft enslavement for a soft society, mentally neutered human emoticons. believing that the new world order is coming, when it has been implemented since before their great-great grandparents were born. all of your children will be implanted with the systems technologies, and they will demand it because they will be manipulated into believing it is a vital necessity to keep them safe from the manufactured evil of the year. so you may as well just spend the rest of your life sticking your finger in-and-out of a doughnut hole. the outcome will surely be the same, and perhaps even slightly more beneficial. unless you’re willing to make some severe sacrifices, and properly learn how to enforce sanctions against the corporations. nothing will change. you love the Illuminati. you bend over backwards for them every day. at first i thought it was just a crush.. but no.. it is true love.


10.- This one is more “personal”. Have you ever heard about “Hyperborean Wisdom”? I ask this for a reason: I read some books about that, and they said that when people “Wake up”, their thoughts, their ways and their kind of life becomes weird, strange, “grotesque” and so…. They say that awaken people tend to hate the world and the people…. And honestly, I couldn’t avoid remembering H. Wisdom when I was watching “The eyes of Randy Prozac”.

i don’t hate anyone. except Jolyon, but that’s personal and he got what he deserved.

i will quote Nietzsche instead:

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”


Extra one.- What do you have to say to all the people out there? I mean, you know some serious stuff, and maybe this questions reminded you of something that I haven’t asked…. Do you want to add something before finishing?

Thank you for supporting the Illuminati, please continue to support the Business Council, the Knights of Malta, the Lincoln Club, the Order of the Garter and the Bilderberg Steering Committee.

Before finishing, I will add something.In the e-mail he sent me with the answers, Randy Prozac told me: 

“i do not make many public statements, this is probably the third one ever. i won’t make any further comments on what was written, so people can take it or leave it.”

So… This is it, make your own conclussions.

Thank you, Randy Prozac, for accepting this interview, it made me think a lot… Really, thanks. 



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